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ARMENIA / Narine Abgarjan / And three apples fell from the sky

Finally I decided to go back to reading despite my busy schedule and I bought kindle, since living abroad I don't have the possibility to buy most of the books and I hate reading in other languages, whether they are English, French, Russian or Kazakh.
This was a beautiful discovery, a book that moved me and almost made me cry, a sad, melancholy book but also full of hope and unexpected happiness.

and from the sky fallen three apples

In Maran, life is suspended between reality and fairy tale, in a time that takes shape from history, to then transfigure, evaporate. Here, in this stone village and ancient beliefs on the top of an Armenian mountain, war and natural disasters overwhelm, it seems forever, the fragile stillness of its handful of houses. Only a few will survive and will be able to tell almost a century of events. Among them are Anatolija and Vasilij, Jasaman and Ovanes, Tigran and Valinka, and from them come stories with a magical flavor, told by a clear pen of shining beauty: providential events and inexplicable signs, like the angels who come down from heaven to collect the souls of the dead or the appearance of a mysterious and saving white peacock. And in the moment in which everything seems to have happened, in which life seems complete, here is the miracle, the stone breathes. And the enchantment is born.

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