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MONGOLIA / All of this belongs to me

tutto questo mi appartiene

A compelling and exciting book where the writer would make you continue reading the book in one night in one breath... but also gloomy, hard and violent, to leave a deep wound not only in the protagonists but also in the reader's soul. I lived almost 4 years in Mongolia and I realize that everything we talk about is real life, for better or for worse, we describe the differences from life in a nomadic yurt to city life, and vice versa, to change, to the difficulties faced by different sisters and women, and the return to the native nest.
The author's choice to represent the real face of Mongolia is strange, but certainly an ambitious and new novel, which tells a different point of view and many typical Mongolian traditions.

Alta, the mother, Dzaja, Nara, Ojuna, the daughters, and Dolgorma, the granddaughter. Five women, five destinies, five narrative voices who accompany us in their family history, from the boundless and barren steppe of Mongolia to the deceptive and seductive lights of the city, from the traditional tents to the prefabs of the capital. Dzaja was born from Alta's passion for a Chinese from Inner Mongolia, Nara from the violence suffered by a Russian trader. Illegitimate daughters, and therefore of mixed and impure race, they live in marginalization enduring ridicule and injustice. Until a dramatic accident leads them to leave the Red Mountains to move to Ulan Bator, under the protection of her aunt, discovering too late that the woman has to offer them only a job in the brothel that she runs. Nara will be at ease with her in her new condition, while Dzaja will live in the hope of redeeming himself, also to protect her daughter Dolgorma, had by one of her clients. Ojuna, the only daughter of pure lineage, will remain with her parents, perpetuating, between pride and frustration, the values and models that have been instilled in her since she was a child. A saga about the uprooting of those who are forced to bend under the weight of reality, betraying their roots and traditions, even though they are the only foothold for not losing their identity. A story of love and passion, of secrets and betrayals, of tragedies and hope, in which defeat doesn't erase the strength to carry on, despite everything.

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