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Kazakh and Kyrgyz carpets

Syrmaq ( or Shyrdak for Kyrgyzstan people ) is a felt carpet. Made using the mosaic technique. Everything is expedient in the method of making syrmaks. The very choice of mosaic technique – cutting felt of one color into felt of a different color – is most consistent with the purpose of the carpet, which usually spreads on the floor.

Syrmaks are very durable. Well made, they can last 50 years or more. Craftsmen put felt of one color on top of another, apply the conceived pattern and cut both layers of felt according to the pattern. Then a dark felt is inserted into the white felt, and vice versa: into the dark – white. The result is two mirrored ornamented surfaces. Pieces of felt inserted into one another are sewn together, placed on a simple coarse felt, and fastened tightly. 

shyrdak carpet felt

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