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Traditional handwaving Alasha

Alasha is one of the simplest Kazakh carpets in weaving technique. It was woven on a narrow-crocheted loom – ormek, in stripes 30-40 cm wide. It was decorated with a woven pattern or vertical stripes of white, blue, yellow, brown. Then it was sewn into a cloth of 4×2 m in size. Sometimes it was woven in wide stripes (up to 2 m) with an ornament, then it turned out – takyr with a keel. There are three technical ways to create an ornament for a product: terme alasha, kezhim teru, orama.

Alasha is used for both walls and floors.

alasha rug carpet

An example of Old Alasha with natural colours and traditional handwaving. 

alasha making process

Tranditional handwaving process and technique.  

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