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3 Days / Visit Old Boats and fisherman's in Aralsk


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Day 1. Aralsk city – Zhalanash village – Tastubek village – Kaltybai Mountains (121 km).

Transfer: Aralsk – Zhalanash village (63 km). Departure from Aralsk, our way lies to the northwest, approximately 5 kilometers from the city the asphalt ends, the further way to the village of Zhalanash, passes along the grader. 27 kilometers in front of the village of Zhalanash, to the left of the road, there are picturesque cliffs of the Saryshoky tract, the Eastern Chinka of Ustyurt, a stop for photographing. Arrival in the village of Zhalanash, a short walk in the vicinity of the village, photographing rural houses with flat roofs.

Transfer: Zhalanash village – Tastubek village (25 km). The village of Tastubek is located on the Koktyrnak Peninsula. In the east, 29 kilometers away is the bay of Zhalanash, in the southern part of the peninsula there are low hills Bultuk and Ushshoky.

This is an ordinary village located on an elevation, from here to the fishermen's camp on the shore of the Aral Sea 3 kilometers. Transfer to the fishermen's parking lot (3 km). The fishermen's working day starts early in the morning. In the morning, fishermen sail out to sea on motorboats, set nets, and in the afternoon pull out fishing nets with fish. Lunch is on the way.

Transfer: fishermen's camp near the Small Aral Sea – Shoshkaly tract - chink Kaltybai (30 km). We are moving north, to our left is Butakov Bay, this is the northern part of the Aral Sea. Approximately 2 kilometers from the sea, the cliffs of the Eastern tip of the Chinka Ustyurt begin, and the Kaltybai Mountains are located here. A walk in the vicinity of the Kaltybai mountains. Setting up a tent camp, dinner, overnight in tents.  

Day 2. Kaltybai Mountains – Akespe village – Akbasty village (67 km).

Breakfast. Transfer: Kaltybai Mountains – The first ship on the shore of the Aral Sea (11 km). We are moving west along the Eastern Chink of Ustyurt and along the northern shore of Butakov Bay. On the right we observe an elevation – Mount Karasandyk with a height of 200 meters above sea level.

After 10 kilometers to the right, on the chinka of Ustyurt, Akshoky Mountain rises 215 meters above sea level. Arrival to the first ship, a walk in the vicinity. This ship is on the shore, mostly disassembled, wooden parts lie in a heap apart from the ship to the side, the iron is rusty and probably not suitable even for scrap metal.

About 400 meters southwest of the First Ship is the Second ship. The ship is a shapeless pile of rusty iron, the iron was not pulled apart, because the ship is in the water, about 70 meters from the shore. The bottom is very heavily silted, it is impossible to approach the Second ship. A walk in the neighborhood. From here, to the east, 3 kilometers away, in the coastal zone of the Aral Sea, there is the deepest place in Butakov Bay - 45 meters.

About 120 meters to the west of the Second Ship is the Third Ship. The ship is a shapeless pile of rusty scrap metal, which was the ship of the Aral flotilla, is also partly in the water and partly on land. Apparently, the third ship was a tugboat, judging by the preserved wheelhouse of the boat. A walk in the neighborhood.

Transfer: The third ship is a barge on the shore of the Aral Sea (9 km). Our way lies to the northwest along the Eastern chink of Ustyurt. We pass the Kenderli Mountain with a height of 227 meters above sea level, which is the most dominant elevation in the coastal area.

This barge has been well preserved. Most of it is in the water, the rest is on the shore. There is sand around the barge, a lot of garbage, apparently, locals from the village of Akespe come here to rest and swim. A walk in the neighborhood.

Transfer: Barge – Akespe thermal well (10 km). Lunch is on the way. We continue moving along the Eastern Chink of Ustyurt. We are gradually moving away from the shore of the Aral Sea, along the way we pass Mount Kumbulak with a height of 210 meters above sea level, which is located in the northwestern part of Chinka.

Arrival at the Akespe spring. In 1986, geologists from the city of Shymkent drilled a well, soon hot water gushed out. The water temperature is 62 degrees, the water comes from a depth of 1200 meters. In hot weather, it is not possible to swim in the water, the water is not soapy. There is a local necropolis on the north side of the spring.

Transfer: Akespe well – Akespe village (2 km). The village of Akespe is located in the Aral region in the northernmost part of the Aral Sea near the northwestern shore of Butakov Bay. In 1925, paleontologists discovered an Oligocene burial near the village – the Aral fossil.

The village of Akespe consists of about 30 houses, is located in the sands, there is a school in the village, a mobile communication antenna. Fishermen mostly live here, there is a refrigerator for storing fish in the village. 2 kilometers to the north of the village there is another village Akespe-2, which was built by the residents themselves, there is less sand, the village consists of 15 houses.

Transfer: Akespe village – Akbasty village (45 km). Our way lies to the southwest, to our left is the peninsula of Shubartarauz. Next, we pass the Akbidayyk tract, there was a small settlement Kumkuduk nearby, from which ruins remained.

We pass the Shomishkol tract and soon approach the shore of Shevchenko Bay (the former name is Paskevich Bay). Shevchenko Bay is the westernmost part of the Small Aral Sea. The greatest depth in Shevchenko Bay is 19 meters.

We pass Torangyly Cape, opposite which, in the north, there is Mount Karatas with a height of 187 meters above sea level and soon the Eastern chink of Ustyurt ends. Our further path lies along the western part of the Shevchenko Bay, passing the necropolises of Shiniger and Suley and the Zhalanash tract. Not far from the village of Akbasty in the Kelmes tract, we will set up our tent camp, dinner, overnight.

Day 3. Kelmes tract - Akbasty village - the city of Aaralsk (221 km).

Breakfast. Transfer: Akbasty village – Kokaral dam (77 km). We are skirting the Small Aral Sea from the western part and heading to the village of Akbasty. A walk to the mazars covered with sand, replenishment of water reserves in the village of Akbasty (in the western part of the village of borehole).

Arrival in the village of Akbasty, walk around the village. Further moving to the Berg isthmus, through which an embankment dam was laid in 2005, blocking the Small and Large Aral and called the Kok-Aral Dam. To the west of our road in the Sagyzsai tract is the Duat hill (or in another way, the Kok-Aral Mountain) with a height of 161 meters above sea level. Here, in the 1980s, the Karotas marine lighthouse was located nearby, which helped ships to cross the Berg Isthmus. A walk along the Kok-Aral dam, inspection of the dam locks.

Further transfer: Kokaral dam – Karateren village – Aklak hydroelectric complex - Bogen village – Amanotkel village – Kombash Lake (76 km). On the way, a visit to the village of Bogen, a walk in the vicinity of the local school, built in 1954, partially covered with sand, photographing the local mosque. Arrival at Kombash Lake, a walk in the vicinity of the lake.

Further transfer: Kombash Lake - the city of Aralsk (86 km). A walk in the vicinity of Lake Kombash. Arrival in Aralsk, the end of the tour

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