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Handmade Kobyz from Kazakhstan

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I'm selling handmade kobyz, with different design from our local artisan. 
Please keep in mind that all kobyz are not imitation so they are all with different shapes, weight and design according with the master style and clients needs, the kobyz in the photo is just an example.
Ask us about models available, colours and more and we will be glad to show you pictures.

We also have some ebooks so you can start to practise your instrument since its come to you :)

Kobyz is one of the first instrument in the world, is very ancient and is the ancestor of the violin.

From the nomadic yurts of the steppe to orchestras in large concert halls, the kobyz has undertaken a long journey onto the big stage. Like many folk instruments, Kazakhstan‘s kobyz defends its right to sit among the popular classic instruments in an orchestra and has over time demonstrated its ability to adapt to any musical situation.

The Instrument of Shamans
The nomadic cultures of Central Asia are not just the birthplace of many cultures in general, but in particular of violin-like string instruments as we know them today. Among the instruments used by the nomads was the kyl kobyz, the prototype of the modern kobyz. It was carved from a single piece of wood and had two strings made of horsehair, an animal sacred to the people of the steppe. The instrument was used by shamans who would play them inside yurts, casting spells and performing rituals. It was believed that the music could cure illnesses and break curses.

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