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Welcome to Central Asia ♥

We are a team of Italian, Mongolian and Kazakh specialists who will guide you on your private or group trip, guaranteeing you a unique experience. In 2017 we founded the first Italian agency in Central Asia, after having dealt with Mongolia a little, I dedicated myself to Kazakhstan and Siberia, where I myself am a guide on various occasions and still today. During the covid period, the first online store to sell traditional Central Asian products and help local families survive thanks to crafts and their traditions.

Co-Founder I.Love.Central.Asia

After having worked for 10 years as a Front-End developer and Web-designer, and later as an Online Marketing Manager, I decided to drop everything and move abroad, after a bit of nomadism and lived almost 4 years in Mongolia, a little less in Siberia, I moved to Kazakhstan, to a wonderful village near the wonderful Tian-Shan mountains.

I have a degree in Tourism and Economics, various Google Ads accreditations, and a certificate from the Yoga National Alliance for teaching Yoga. I have the C1 certification of English, B1 of Russian and I speak a little Kazakh. I am an love reading, cats and sports.


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