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Kilem from Kazakh Quoja tribe

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Amazing Arab Kilem from Quoja Tribe in Kyzylorda Oblast, Kazakhstan in very good conditions , and 120 years old. 
That carpet was in the yurt as wall carpet, that why is so long, its very important for kazakh nomads, and have a lot of meaning and symbols. Totally handmade in village by local womans.

In very good conditions, and long 210 cm x 176 cm , weight: 14 kg
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About Kazakh Carpets with Arab Influences
The Great Migration of Nations was a fertile environment for the creation and development of a single cultural space. At the same time, Kazakh folk applied art has its own unique personality. For hundreds of years, hand weaving has played a significant role in nomadic culture. Among the Kazakh woven products, tassel-free rugs are distinguished by a rich diversity of species, a variety of weaving techniques used, compositional characteristics and ornamental color.

All peoples at all times were characterized by creativity. He entered the life and daily life of people in a natural and free way, merging into the integral image of the national culture. Various contacts with neighboring countries have contributed to the development of applied arts, updating and enriching them, at the same time, preserving the ethnic identity of each ethnic group. The traditions that developed in antiquity give reason to speak of the cultural community of many peoples.

Because Kazakh artisans have adopted the traditions of Arab jihezi wedding carpet weaving. The name of the carpets, the compositional motifs, the ornamental motifs and the ritual and daily purpose clearly indicate this. Perhaps this is a tribute to the fashion of that time, which has established itself thanks to the spread of Islam among the nomads. We do not undertake to identify the reasons, but we focus on the artistic characteristics of the carpets, on the meaning of the symbols depicted, draw an analogy with the traditional Kazakh rugs without lint, and touch the weaving techniques.

The Arabian palette is very different. The background of the products is traditionally red and all its shades. Arab carpets are characterized by solemnity, severity and monumentality. 
Despite the rigorous conservatism of the depicted motifs, there is no single identical carpet. Often the craftswomen in the ornamental structure of the Arabs include inscriptions: the year of creation, the name and surname of the author himself, and even the month and day. The size of the Arab kіlem reaches up to 4 meters in length and 160-180 cm in width.

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