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Handcraft Sybyzgy Kazakh instrument Kazakhstan

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The instrument its to made, timing is 3 weeks to 1 month. Its totally handcraft and made by cow leather and horse strings. 

I’m selling handcraft Sybyzgy from our local artisan.
We also have some ebooks so you can start to practise your instrument since its come to you :)

Sybyzgy is a Kazakh wind musical instrument. It is made of straw, wood and sometimes copper. The length is 600-650 mm or 700-800 mm; 3 - 4 holes. The sound range is diatonic, the volume is 2 1/2 octaves. Among the wind instruments, the flute is one of the most popular instruments for the people. It has become an integral part of folk music.

From ancient times the flute has been a favorite instrument among shepherds. They used it as a means of absorbing loneliness during grazing, and during the evening break, musicians used it to read old legends - songs. Whistlers were honored at all weddings and holidays. The widespread use of the whistle is due to its simplicity.

In the ethnographic works of the XVIII-XIX centuries the flute is often mentioned. This proves that the flute was widely used at that time. About the whistle, Captain I. It is mentioned in Andreev’s book published in 1795. Until the second half of the XIX century, the well-known researcher A. It is also in Levshin’s writings. Ethnographer I. Lipayev’s statement is also noteworthy.

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