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Kazakh Traditional Earrings

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Very beautiful pair of silver earrings with flowers from Kazakhstan.

Kazakh national jewelry:
The Kazakh earrings served to protect against evil spirits thanks to the motifs of a floristic and zoomorphic nature applied to them.

Jewelry played an essential role in the life of a Kazakh woman. They embodied the eternal gravitation of man to the beautiful, the hope for happiness, the belief in the miraculous forces of nature, capable of protecting from ailments, troubles and evil. That is why, from birth to death, Kazakh women wore certain types of jewelry that corresponded to their age and social status.
Earrings were a permanent adornment. There are many types and variations of earrings. Ornamental flat earrings of various shapes are widespread. Lunar earrings are very popular - ai sirga, sometimes with a carved star on the inside.

In ancient times, it was believed that they protect against gossip and gossip, binding evil tongues. Earrings were an amulet of fertility and abundance, giving a woman many healthy children. According to the Kazakh tradition, they were made from diamond-shaped or round metal plates, cast in silver or gold. The details were connected with chains, images of the Sun, the Moon were minted on the surface and decorated with pearls. All jewelry was removed from the deceased women, except for the earrings that protected the deceased's ears from the snake, which could crawl into the ear and take the soul.

The earrings are distinguished by shape and type of execution. Here are the most famous:

- ай сырға и айшықты сырға — earrings with moon shape;
- тұмарша сырға — triangular earrings;
- салпыншақты сырға и қозалы сырға — with pendants;
- тасты сырға — earrings decorated with stones;
- қаралы сырға — earrings with niello;
- иықты сырға — shoulder-length ornaments;
- қоңырау сырға — products with bells form;
- сояу сырға и кумбездi сырға — pointed and domed earrings;

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