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Old Kazakh Alasha from Kyzylorda

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Very beautiful and Old Alasha ( Kazakh traditional handcraft carpet ) dyed with natural colours, soft, 50-60 years old. In fantastic conditions as picture.
Dimension 4,15 meters x 1,58 meters


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Alasha is one of the simplest Kazakh carpets in weaving technique. It was woven on a narrow-crocheted loom – ormek, in stripes 30-40 cm wide. It was decorated with a woven pattern or vertical stripes of white, blue, yellow, brown. Then it was sewn into a cloth of 4×2 m in size. Sometimes it was woven in wide stripes (up to 2 m) with an ornament, then it turned out – takyr with a keel. There are three technical ways to create an ornament for a product: terme alasha, kezhim teru, orama.

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