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Turkmenistan Felt Carpet

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We sell original felt rugs from Turkmenistan in different sizes. Contact us for different designs and quotes.  

Medium Size:

With “Uly namazlykly nagysh” ornament (2.08 x 1.11 meters)

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Patterned felts by Turkmen craftswomen

Unlike the Kazakhs and Kyrgyz, as well as Uzbek semi-nomads of the past, who knew different types of felt ornaments, the Turkmen, just like the Karakalpaks and part of the Uzbeks, created their felt rugs in one way - the roll- in the technique of the model. At the same time, the technology for the production of patterned felts differed from that known to other peoples of Central Asia. While the Kyrgyz, Kazakhs, part of the Uzbeks draw a multicolored wool pattern on a felt cloth of a weak roll or impose a pattern cut from a thin colored felt of a loose roll on a semi-finished base, the Turkmen create a pattern , then cover it with colored wool on the base of the felt mat. Therefore, the patterned felt felts of the Turkmen are more durable and durable than similar felts of the above-mentioned peoples; the motif of the ornament in the Turkmen felts is more rigorous and clear, compared to the vague, merging with the background motif of the Kazakh and Kyrgyz. However, due to the particularities of the material and the production technique, the design appears more clearly on the felt mats in use for some time, from which the upper layer of wool has been removed, and not on the new ones, where the design is, for so to speak, covered with haze.

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