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Uzbek Traditional Earrings coral vintage antique

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Very beautiful uzbek earrings handmade from our local artisan in Uzbekistan, Samarkand. Old vintage earrings.
Made with silver, coral and decorations.

Jewels of Uzbekistan
Women who lived many years ago in the territory of Uzbekistan believed that a necklace or earrings could change their lives. Moreover, they were then worn not only on the parts of the body that are familiar to us. Jewelry could be on the back of the beauty and even under the armpits. The latter, by the way, were called "tumar cult". They are somewhat similar to a small handbag, the "handle" of which was made of such a size that the jewelry would fit snugly to the body. All this, of course, was put on for a reason.

The history of jewelry began long before it was made from precious metals. Then they began to make exquisite jewelry from silver, gold and precious stones. In those days, the main milestones of a woman's life could be read from traditional Uzbek jewelry. Jewelry told about wealth, family, to which she belongs, about marital status. Moreover, the younger the girl, the brighter and more elegant her jewelry "outfit" was. Amulets and talismans, rings and pendants, necklaces and bracelets of various shapes and sizes were also endowed with the ability to drive away evil spirits that young women were so afraid of.

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